26 th EurOMA Conference

Operations adding value to society

17th - 19th June 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Is your organisation looking for interactions with some of the brightest minds in Operations and Supply Chain Management?

EurOMA invites 500 of them to Helsinki in June 2019!

We offer exciting Sponsorship and Exhibiting opportunities.

After 25 events around Europe, it is time to take the annual EurOMA Conference to the daughter of the Baltic Sea: Helsinki, capital of Finland. The conference will be hosted by Hanken School of Economics and Aalto School of Business. The theme for 2019 is Operations adding value to society.

About EurOMA:

The European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) is an international network of academics interested in developing Operations Management. It is a network that connects research, teaching and practice. EurOMA is concerned with Operations Management approaches, techniques and concepts in both Manufacturing and Service.

EurOMA’s annual conference travels around Europe and attracts about 300-400 delegates depending on location and theme. The majority of the delegates are EurOMA members and are based in Europe. However, depending on the location and theme, the conference can also attract delegates from EurOMA’s sister organisations such as the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) of US, the Japanese Operations Management Society (JOMS) and operations management researchers from Asia, Australia and South America.

For further information on EurOMA please visit: http://www.euroma-online.org

Previous EurOMA Conferences:

The first EurOMA conference was held in 1994. Last year was celebrated in Budapest, Hungary, the 25th iterations of the conference!

Conference Structure:

The main conference will span three days, starting with a Welcome Reception in the early afternoon of Monday, 17 June 2019 and the main conference running on 17-19 June 2019.

Conference Venue:

The Conference will be held at Hanken School of Economics in the city center of Helsinki. A common social area will be used to serve refreshments during coffee breaks and for serving lunches. The stands will be placed in this area.

Opportunities for Exhibitors:

Our objective is to expose the conference delegates to the latest developments and texts on operations and supply chain management as well as providing you with an opportunity to market and discuss your products and services to the conference delegates. In order to facilitate this, we will position the exhibition zone outside the session halls and in the coffee break area that will maximise the interaction with conference delegates.

There are two standard ways you could participate in this conference:

Standard package:

Each exhibitor will be allocated an exhibition space of approximately 3m x 3m complete with power point socket, a table and two chairs. The cost of the standard exhibitor’s package is €800. The price includes the full registration to the conference of one staff member.

The registration fee for every person participating in the conference is €550 for EurOMA members and €650 for non members. Every registered person will have access to the academic sessions, planned social events, meals and coffee breaks, as well as one copy of the conference proceedings, list of participants and other material given to the conference participants.

Sponsorship package:

In addition to the standard package we offer the possibility to have greater exposure to the exhibitors through sponsoring one of the following events during the conference:

Coffee/tea break on Monday 17 June 2019 – €800
Coffee/tea break on Tuesday 18 June 2019 – €800
Coffee/tea break on Wednesday 19 June 2019 – €800

Conference lunch on Tuesday 17 June 2010 – €1600
Conference lunch on Wednesday 19 June 2010 – €1600

The fee includes:
Promotion of the sponsor in the conference programme under the corresponding event
Promotion of the sponsor on the conference website under the corresponding event listing

In case of multiple exhibitors requesting to sponsor the same event, we will assign sponsors to events on a first-come-first-served basis.

Besides these two standard options, we are very happy to discuss with you alternative ways for participation in the conference!

Why to sponsor?

- Brand building opportunities

- Access to leading researchers in the field and their research

- Insights to the most recent developments in the area of OM, SCM and Logistics.

- Access to PhD talent and recruitment opportunities for you organisation.

Want to be a EurOMA 2019 Sponsor? Need some more information? Please contact Gyöngyi Kovacs, Erkko Professor in Humanitarian Logistics at Hanken School of Economics at lastname [at] hanken.fi


This year's sponsors: