26 th EurOMA Conference

Operations adding value to society

17th - 19th June 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is waiting for you!

Helsinki is a city with a healing effect. Some cities drain all your energy, but in Helsinki you can recharge more of it.” Bruce Oreck, former US ambassador in Finland

Helsinki is a vibrant seaside city of magnificent architecture and stylish design, surrounded by a sublime natural environment of forests, parks and islands. Ready for the tour?


We all agree that, despite its unique architecture, Helsinki is less about sights and more about experiences. Take a Finnish sauna, enjoy a cinnamon bun in a cozy cafe, go for a walk in the forest near by or on an island, discover Finnish design, chill in one of the beautiful libraries and go to a heavy metal concert!

Coming in June? You will be lucky enough to experience some of the longest days in the year- almost 20 hours long! The sun will hardly set which creates an incredible atmosphere!


Helsinki has a lot to offer!

What to see, what to do in Helsinki

Willing to take a guided tour? We recommend Strömmä and Happy Guide Helsinki.


Staying a little longer in Finland?

Tallinn is only 3 hours from Helsinki by ferry. The trip is an experience in itself, definitely worth trying!

Here are some other good day trips suggestions.


Interested in knowing more about Finland?

What makes Finland so special? 

Why we do love Finland.